We focus not only on aesthetic treatments but we also offer an extensive range of restorative dentistry procedures and services to meet our patients’ needs. Though we are committed to providing each and every one of our patients with a beautiful smile that he or she can be proud of, we realise that a beautiful, lasting smile is dependent on a foundation of sound oral health. Dr.Grigore can help restore your oral health and the appearance of your teeth, allowing you to enjoy an improved quality of life and boosted self-esteem and confidence.

Il existe différents types de prothèse dentaire fixe – couronne,bridge,l’onlay- ou le protèse amovible.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a prosthetic that is employed to treat highly decayed, damaged, or malformed teeth. Shaped like a tooth, a dental crown is sometimes referred to as a cap or”fake tooth”, as it encapsulates the tooth being treated. Once excess or decayed portions of the affected tooth have been removed to provide space for the restoration and ensure a sound underlying structure, the dental crown is placed over top of the tooth. The prosthetic is then secured in place with dental cement. Because the crown looks and functions as a natural tooth would, it is able to restore both the appearance and oral health of a decayed or compromised smile. One of the secondary benefits of a dental crown is that it allows for the preservation of at least some of the tooth’s natural structure, as placing a dental crown over a damaged tooth prevents the need for extraction.Dental crowns can be temporary(in resin), or definitive(porcelain fused with metal)or full ceramic.

Dental Bonding

Minor cosmetic flaws, such as small cracks, chips, or unsightly gaps between two teeth, can be corrected through dental bonding. This restorative and cosmetic procedure requires zero downtime and is simple, quick, and non-invasive. The dental bonding procedure involves the application of a malleable dental resin directly to the tooth. This resin, or bonding material, is applied over the area being treated (after it’s been properly cleaned) and is shaped and molded in the desired shape. It is then cured, or hardened, with a special dental lamp, to secure it in place and provide for the appropriate consistency. Once in place, the bonding material is polished so that it blends in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth.

Dental Bridges

A missing tooth can be replaced by a dental bridge(two pontics and an abutment)or by a dental implant(similar with a fake root);in case of more than one tooth that needs to be replaced, the bridge would be longer, but the pontics underneath have to be strong enough to avoid future breakage.

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