The fees charged depends on the treatment plan that is implemented and are established according to the following typology:

1. „Contracted” acts without overflow:

Ce sont les actes de la nomenclature de la Sécurité Sociale de type soins dentaires usuels (carie, détartrage…) These are the actions listed in the nomenclature of Social Security like common dental services (cavities, scaling …).

Social Security reimburses 70% of the agreed rate in most cases. If you have a mutual insurance, it will refund the rest.

2. „Contracted” acts with overflow:

To provide a high quality service, and a flawless aesthetic , the firm conducts overruns on certain acts.

Repayment may be covered by your insurance

3. Acts „apart from nomenclature”:

These are the acts not covered by Social Security. As exceedances of fees, you should check with your insurance in order to know if it is possible to be reimbursed.