BlancOne® CLICK

The fast and effective post-hygiene whitening treatment

BlancOne® CLICK is a fast whitening treatment designed for those who are looking for a practical and fast way to obtain a whiter smile after a dental hygiene session.

You need just 10 minutes and a budget of only a few Euros to obtain surprising results and give your teeth a brighter appearance!

BlancOne® CLICK is also ideal to become more familiar with teeth whitening, even for those who are afraid of excessive sensitivity caused by these whitening treatments. Even if we can state that all BlancOne treatments have practically eliminated the sensitivity problem, BlancOne® CLICK is certainly the most delicate treatment of the entire line because:

  • it uses a low concentration of carbamide peroxide (16%)
  • it requires no gingival protection
  • it takes only 10 minutes

After having tried BlancOne® CLICK you can decide to obtain even deeper and longer lasting results merely through a simple upgrade of a complete BlancOne® TOUCH or ULTRA treatment.

BlancOne® ULTRA

The biophotonic whitening treatment that makes your teeth shine!

BlancOne® ULTRA, a new-generation professional whitening treatment based on the expertise of dental researchers, offers incredible advantages for your teeth because it:

  • eliminates discomfort during application
  • respects the health of your teeth
  • guarantees treatment results that are effective and natural

Backed by 5 years of experience and more than 80,000 treatments carried out in Italy alone, BlancOne® ULTRAis the top of the line of all the BlancOne® treatments.
Designed to handle the most difficult situations, such as teeth with tetracycline stains or teeth undergoing endodontic therapy, BlancOne® ULTRA produces excellent results in a single session, even starting from very dark shades.

How BlancOne® ULTRA works

BlancOne® ULTRA’s light activation utilises only light energy to break up hydrogen peroxide into highly reactive oxygen, at the speed of light.
Thanks to BlancOne® ULTRAs patented technology, the whitening action of your teeth takes place in just a few seconds, instead of the minutes required by traditional whitening systems.
Thanks to its accelerated mechanism, BlancOne® ULTRA will not dehydrate enamel, the main cause of sensitivity.
In vitro tests carried out at the University of Vienna have demonstrated how BlancOne® ULTRA does not alter the structure of the enamel and does not increase the temperature in the vital pulp.
Therefore, unlike all other whitening treatments that use peroxide, BlancOne® ULTRA contains no desensitizing or remineralizing agents.

The BlancOne® ULTRA treatment is carried out in 4 whitening cycles in which gel is applied, activated and removed by a dental professional.

For particularly dark shades, up to 6 cycles of BlancOne® ULTRA can be carried out during the same session.
Before applying the ULTRA whitening gel (hydrogen peroxide at 29%), a barrier will be applied to isolate and protect the gums.
Once applied, the whitening gel is light activated, tooth by tooth, using a common curing light for a few seconds, or an arc light to activate the gel simultaneously on both arches in just 2 minutes.
Basically, you will need less than half an hour to make your smile whiter and shinier, without any side effects!
By respecting the enamel, the white shade is natural, lasts longer and no specific diet or remineralizing products are required after the treatment.
The duration of the whitening effect depends on habits and individual predispositions but with BlancOne® ULTRA it is generally more than two years.

*BlancOne ULTRA is a medical whitening treatment (Directive 93/42/CEE).
It’s use may be limited by local regulations in some EU countries.

BlancOne® STICK

The whitening pen to use in the ­comfort of your own home!

The BlancOne® STICK  whitening pen is ideal for removing stains from nicotine, coffee, tea as well as pigmented food and beve­rages. Use BlancOne® STICK to extend maintenance of in-office professional whitening results, or for a home treatment!

You can use BlancOne® STICK in the comfort of your own home and without the help of a professional, applying the whitening gel on the teeth once a day, for a period of 14 consecutive days. BlancOne® STICK pen restores the brightness and shininess of your smile.

By carrying out 2, 14-day cycles(waiting two weeks between cycles) BlancOne® STICK becomes an economical home whitening treatment.

BlancOn® STICK is an innovative treatment with lots of advantages!

  • FAST: just a couple of minutes, once a day
  • EASY TO USE: the gel is applied to the teeth directly from the tip of the pen
  • EFFECTIVE: the tip breaks up the bioskin, making it easier for oxygen to penetrate
  • DOES NOT DAMAGE ENAMEL and does not contain abrasive substances

Thanks to its plaque breaking power, BlancOne® STICK is an effective smile touch-up. Take it with you and apply it to your teeth before an important appointment to immediately make your smile brighter and shinier.

How BlancOne® STICK works

The BlancOne® STICK treatment has been specially designed to be simple to use even in your own home.
Rotate the back of the pen to extrude the gel from the tip and without any waste, even by inexperienced hands.
Use BlancOne® STICK once a day, preferably in the evening, before going to bed and after brushing your teeth. Apply the whitening gel on the teeth, distributing it with the convenient silicone tip.
Keeping the lips closed for a few seconds will allow the BlancOne STICK gel to form a thin film on the surface of the teeth. Close the lips and go to sleep.
The BlancOne STICK gel, activated by heat from the lips, will release oxygen during the night. Your smile will be brighter and shinier already after the first few days.

*BlancOne STICK is a cosmetic whitening treatment that complies with Directive 2011/84/EU