Get your most beautiful natural smile you deserve!

Planning the transformation of your smile is a creative procedure with a result completely unique for yourself. Each stage of the process is done in a certain way to be sure you will get at the end the beautiful natural  smile in perfect harmony with your face.

The aesthetic rehabilitation techniques are explained in detail during the consultation, in order to propose the most suitable treatment for the patient’s needs.

Conserving and restoring an harmonious smile is a permanent concern in the daily practice of our surgery.

If you’d like to do any change of your smile, like the color, shape or alignment of your teeth, you’d better book an appointment for a smile analysis with us. During this appointment, your smile will be examined and we’ll do photos, in order to transform it in a model showing you the ideal proportions for a perfect smile.This way, you can be sure you’ll be satisfied with future changes and they are in completely harmony with your jaws and face.We will be than in measure to propose you the most adapted treatments to improve your smile.

The dental aesthetics is concerned by the teeth color, their alignment and the gum.The choice of treatment will be done after a clinical exam, in order to propose a suitable rehabilitation:

  • teeth whitening if you’d need only to brighten your teeth with few shades
  • invisalign treatment with transparent aligners  if you’d need to straighten your teeth
  • surgical gum grafts for gum receding gums

The ceramic dental veneers are the fastest and the most effective way to get a perfect white smile.Is it possible today to simulate your future smile(color, shape an alignment)before even touching your teeth.

esthetique dentaire Antibes

Analyser votre sourire

Votre sourire affecte votre image de soi, et peut grandement influer sur la qualité de vos interactions avec les autres.

Today, cosmetic dentistry is biocompatible, biological, reliable over time and  predictable.

The metal can disappear from your mouth/ Don’t hesitate to ask informations about the possibilities of improving your smile

The teeth whitening is reserved for healthy teeth: without any fillings or root canals, completely scaled and polished; it is necessary to have a consultation first in order to guarantee you the best result

The bleaching can be done in the office (chairside) or at home (with dental trays).

If your teeth have become discolored, stained , chipped or just looking unattractive, porcelain veneers can provide you a really smile make-over.


Your smile affects your self-image and can affect the quality of your interactions with others.
Decay or other damage to the upper portion of the tooth may be treated with an inlay or onlay. We can evaluate the condition of your tooth and determine the best treatment option.



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